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2017 EHS Football Summer Conditioning & Contact Camp & Season Registration
This is Summer Conditioning that ends with  a full contact camp for all students wanting to play football for EHS during the 2017 season.  It is an excellent opportunity for players to refine their skills and for the coaching staff to further evaluate personnel and schemes just prior to the beginning of the season.

Summer Program:

Starts Tuesday 5/30-Thursday 8/10/17 at EHS         Tuesday-Thursday every week 3:30-PM-6:30 PM

Combination of weightlifting, conditioning and football.

Cost-- $200.00 and covers the Summer Program, Two Week Summer Camp, as well as registration for the 2017 Season.

Note: Off for Week of July 4th-- Tuesday 7/4/17-Thursday 7/6/17--No Workouts. GREAT TIME FOR VACATION.

7 ON 7’s—TBD-To be scheduled throughout the summer

Players will be introduced to our in-season practice format as well as scrimmage intra-squad and against other high schools during this camp.
Requirements for participation in the Summer Camp:

  • Signed liability waiver
  • On-line registration will open 5/17/17.  

    Summer Camp



Practice gear (helmet, pads, practice jersey and pants) will be issued to players at the summer workouts the week prior to camp.

Additional Equipment for Summer Camp:

  • T-shirt
  • Shorts
  • Athletic Socks
  • Athletic Supporter
  • Football Shoes (for on field workouts)
  • Sneakers/Cross Trainers/Running Shoes (for indoor workouts)
  • Protein drink/bar for immediately after session.  (There is cellular damage after any kind of exercise. As a result, there is an increased breakdown of protein during exercise. This damage is structural, and the body's structural building materials are proteins.)

Hydration– Remember to properly hydrate the night before and during the day before each session.  For athletes, fluids should be taken throughout the day no matter what the level of physical activity.  At least 16 ounces of fluid should be taken two to three hours before practice or a game.  Another 8 ounces should be taken about 10 to 20 minutes before practice or a game.
Sleep/Rest– Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.  Being well rested will help you be better prepared to work out and will aid in your recovery after each workout.