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Evergreen Football Spring Camp

EHS Football Spring Mini-Camp May 18 through May 22
Spring Camp is for all students planning on playing football for the 2015 season (this includes incoming freshmen).

Camp is 3:30 – 6:30 PM each day at EHS.
Dressed and on the field no later than 3:25 PM

Spring Camp begins the evaluation process for the 2015 season.  It affords the coaching staff the opportunity to assess personnel and strategies and make necessary adjustments to the planning process.
Requirements for participation in camp:

On-line registration will open 4/10/15.  To register now click on "Register Online" on the left menu.

Equipment for Spring Camp:

  • T-shirt

  • Shorts

  • Athletic Socks

  • Athletic Supporter

  • Football Shoes (for on field workouts)

  • Sneakers/Cross Trainers/Running Shoes (for indoor workouts)

  • Protein drink/bar for immediately after session.  (There is cellular damage after any kind of exercise. As a result, there is an increased breakdown of protein during exercise. This damage is structural, and the body's structural building materials are proteins.)

Hydration– Remember to properly hydrate the night before and during the day before each session.  For athletes, fluids should be taken throughout the day no matter what the level of physical activity.  At least 16 ounces of fluid should be taken two to three hours before practice or a game.  Another 8 ounces should be taken about 10 to 20 minutes before practice or a game.
Sleep/Rest– Get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night.  Being well rested will help you be better prepared to work out and will aid in your recovery after each workout.

by posted 04/16/2015
Press Box Fundraiser

March, 2015 - Press Box Fundraiser Update:


Thanks to the on-going grassroots efforts by the local community and the Cougar Touchdown Club, plans are in motion to begin construction on the new Press Box this spring!  We anticipate the project being complete by 7/1/15 just in time for the 2015 season. We have SIX home games on the schedule this year so it’s critical that we continue to raise funds for this project.  Through the support of local businesses and individuals we have raised nearly $50,000 in the last nine months but are still short of our goal.


Please donate now to the Press Box Construction Project!


You may send checks made out to the Cougar Touchdown Club to:   P.O. Box 2422, Evergreen, CO  80437 or you may donate online through our dedicated Press Box PayPal account below.




We have also installed a Donor Wall (CLICK HERE) in the main hall of the high school for donations that are at least $125, for details regarding the Cougar, Cougar Silver, Cougar Gold and Cougar Platinum nameplates please click on the Paperwork/Forms tab in the left side blue column of this website.


Thank you to all who have been involved!



by posted 03/16/2015
2014 Mountain Bowl

by posted 10/17/2014
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