Danya Salazar

Coach MVP is the best!

Noah Martens, C/O ‘21

My time at Evergreen was amazing and changed my life drastically. Coach MVP quickly became my role model and he understood my goals as a player and as a man. He made me a better man and player. He is the best coach I have ever played for and cared so much about his players on the field and off the field. Coach MVP will be the best coach you will ever play for and the culture he created at Evergreen will truly make a huge impact on your life.

Contact Camp Parent

Hey Coach. Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am by your players. They are kind to the kids (tonight one kid wasn't feeling well and many of the players checked on him and tried to find food for him), encouraging (giving fist bumps and cheering the kids on) and are engaged during the camp...hats off you, Coach. Your boys are a class act. Seriously.

Parmalee Parent

[My son] really enjoyed it! Thank you.