EHS Football Fall Registration Information

The EHS Fall Registration Process is often confusing for registering parents. This page is meant to provide all the information neccessary for families to understand the process of registering for the Fall Seasons. Below, please find a checklist of items which must be completed before participation is allowed.

Participation Regitrations

1. All Athletes must have an up-to-date Sports Physical completed by a physcian, and the physical must be uploaded into Rschools (the registration entity for school registration)

2. All Athletes must register and pay $175 with Jefferson County Athletics through Rschool

3. All Athletes must register and pay $350 to the EHS Football Booster Club at

4. All Athletes are required to sell $700 worth of Cougar Cards in August as our main fundraiser for the football program. An option to pay the $700 without having to sell the Cougard Cards is available during the registration process.

5. Families must register with a communication tool which allows easy access to changes in schedule, practice times, game times, and last minute opportunities or adjustments. The tool is still TBD


Student Equipmet Needs

Families are responsible for provided the following equipment for participation:

1. 7-pad-girdle (If a 7 padded girdle is difficult to find, a 5 padded girdle is acceptable so long as the athlete then also provides knee pad sleeves to wear under their pants.

2. Water Bottle

3. Football Cleats AND Athletic Shoes

4. A lock for their locker

5. Mouth Pieces

The team provides all protective equipment for our players including 5-star rated helmets and shoulder pads. If a family prefers to equip their child in their own personal helmet, the helmet cannot be a youth helmet, it must be matte white in color with a white facemask, the family must sign a waver, and the program is not responsible for the reconditioning or painting of the helmet.